Get a Go-To Workout

Gym Pic

For me, consistency is key when working out. As cliché as it sounds, something is better than nothing. So on those days when I REALLY REALLY don’t want to workout, when I am 100% just not feeling it, I ignore my workout plan and  I deadlift. I warmup do a 5 x 5 deadlift set and walk away. This has saved me, from skipping a workout, so many times. This being, having a go-to workout, something I can always feel mentally ok with doing, something I can always talk myself into doing, because it won’t be “that hard” but it will still “count for something”. Now, I know deadlifting isn’t for everyone but for me, it’s the thing I can always motivate to do and it is an effective workout.

After talking to a few friends here is a starter list of go to workouts for those days when you REALLY just are not feeling it:

  • Deadlift
  • Jog 1-3 miles
  • Dance for 30 minutes
  • Sun Salutations
  • Walk 30 minutes

Do you already have a go-to workout? I’d love to hear what it is and grow my list! Please write it in the comments section.


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