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Today is the day I stop saying “Tomorrow”. For the last year and half,  I’ve been just barley keeping my head afloat in the fitness ocean. I’ve bobbed along as  drift wood shaped like barbells passes me and I’ve said, next month, next week, tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll try to swim to shore, I’ve got a big wave heading this way…. so I’ll wait. Well, I’m finished looking for salvation to appear in some vast piece of future that hangs on the horizon, out of my grasp. I’m starting today, right now, in this moment, starting to act, and swim my self to shore.

This won’t be easy but I’m determined, to get fit again, to love myself and my body more, to be emotionally healthy and to give back. Despite my overachieving nature I’ll be taking this all very slowly (at least to start).


I’ve developed a plan to drop the 20 lbs I’ve put  on in the last year and feel great again. It’s not that complicated and I’ll be taking it day by day and step by step. I don’t have a lot of time, I manage a marketing team and travel for work, it can be intense. I’m also a 30-something living in New York , with an active social life which  time and energy,  I do like to go out and have a good time. I also like to cook and entertain. I’m sure all of these pieces of me will find their way into this blog.  Still, the focus will remain, getting fit, despite my schedule while still enjoying life!

So I’ll be sharing quick workouts, meals, stretching routines, stress relief secrets, and whatever else I find keeps me sane and on the path to fitness, as I swim towards the shore.

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